Python: Python Programming for Artificial Intelligence (1)

Learn Python like a Pro! Start with basics to learn Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - (2021)

Python: Python Programming for Artificial Intelligence (1)
Python: Python Programming for Artificial Intelligence (1)

Python: Python Programming for Artificial Intelligence (1) udemy course free download

Learn Python like a Pro! Start with basics to learn Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - (2021)

What you'll learn:

  • Our course ensures that you will be able to think with a predictive mindset and understand well the basics of the techniques used in prediction.
  • Critical thinking is very important to validate models and interpret the results. Hence, our course material emphasizes on hardwiring this similar kind
  • You will have good knowledge about the predictive modeling in python, linear regression, logistic regression
  • Learn the fitting model with a sci-kit learn library, the fitting model with stat model library, ROC curves, backward elimination approach, stats model package


  • To get started with Predictive Modelling with Python a solid foundation in statistics is much appreciated. It takes a good amount of understanding to interpret those numbers to understand whether the numbers are adding up or not. Along with the above-mentioned knowledge, one must know to code in Python. Knowing SQL also acts as a complementary skillset. Even if someone is not well equipped with the above-mentioned skill, it should not act as a hindrance as everything is possible with an honest effort and strong will.



  1. Python   

  2. Data Science

  3. Visualization Tools

  4. Machine Learning

  5. Deep Learning

  6. Statistical Learning

  7. Reinforcement Learning

We will learn the Python language infrastructure required to learn our ultimate goal, Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


  • Python Introduction

    • Python Installation

    • Udemy Description

    • Datai Team Github and Resource

  • Python Basics

    • Variables  

    • Strings 

    • Numbers 

    • Built-in Function

    • User Defined Function

    • Lambda Function   

    • List   

    • Tuple   

    • Dictionary   

    • If-else statements   

    • For and While Loops

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)   

    • Class and Constructor    

    • Class Variables

  • Dealing with Programming Errors   

    • Syntax Errors

    • Exceptions   

  • Numpy Library

    • Numpy Basics

    • Numpy Operations

    • Indexing and Slicing   

    • Shape Manipulation   

    • Stacking Arrays   

    • Convert and Copy Array   

  • Pandas Library

    • Pandas Introduction 

    • Pandas Basic Methods 

    • Indexing and Slicing    

    • Filtering   

    • List Comprehension   

    • Concatenating   

    • Transform Data   

  • Matplotlib Library

    • Pandas Review 

    • Line Plot   

    • Scatter Plot   

    • Histogram   

    • Bar Plot   

    • Subplots   

  • Optional: Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

    • Classes

    • Attributes

    • Methods

    • Methods vs Functions

    • Constructor/Initializer

    • Encapsulation

    • Inheritance

    • Abstract Classes

    • Overriding

    • Polymorphism

    • Rent a Vehicle Project

  • 2 Practice Exam: Midterm + Final Exams

  • 26 Quizzes


  • According to 2020 IEEE research, Python is one of the most used and preferred programming languages worldwide.

  • Python is the first choice of newcomers to coding thanks to its easy learning.

  • Python is open source, supported by the world's largest companies such as Facebook or Google.

  • When it comes to data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence, Python language comes to mind first. This causes Python to have a large worldwide audience.

  • In terms of professional career, Python is one of the languages with the most opportunities.


  • Coding ability from scratch: We will code together.

  • Codes and Templates: You can download every Python template and code we have created in the course. Thanks to this code and template, you create the infrastructure for the applications and projects that you will make later.

  • Theory and Logic: We not only tell you how to write code, but also the logic and theory behind the code we write, and why we write such a code.

  • In-class support: We don't just give you video lessons. We have created a professional Python Programmer team and community to support you. This means that you will get answers to your questions within 24 hours.


DATAI TEAM is a team of Python Programmers and Data Scientists.

Let's register for the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to specialize in Python language
  • Those who want to learn a programming language but cannot decide which one
  • Those who want to start and continue their education or career in data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence
  • Those who know Python basics and want to master Python for Artificial Intelligece

Course Details:

  • 8.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 12 downloadable resources
  • 2 practice tests
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

Python: Python Programming for Artificial Intelligence (1) udemy courses free download

Learn Python like a Pro! Start with basics to learn Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - (2021)
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